Difference Between IDE and Compiler

I recently had the opportunity to interact with a few Computer Science Major students (funny, I used to be one not long ago), and was shocked to see that they had difficulty differentiating between a compiler and an IDE! A lot of them thought that they were synonymous or there was very little distinction between them.Many also thought that Java could only be coded in Eclipse and nothing else. If these bright young minds have such misconception then surely a lot of people must have them. Therefore, here I am, humbly presenting my view and differentiating between the two totally different and not so related terms. Continue reading


Front-End Languages Vs. Back-End Languages

Have you┬árecently started programming? You get confused about front-end and back-end languages? You know the language, but you don’t know which one is Front-end language and which one is Back-end Language?

So, I was thinking about some of the things which confused when I was back in University studying Computer Sciences and the first think that popped up into my mind was how I used to be confused between this back-end and front-end. Continue reading