About Me

I am Zainub Wahid, currently working as Cloud Software Engineer at NGNware. I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in 2016. I am a programmer and I like programming. I am that kind of programmer who loves to code, knows how to write a program but has no interest in books, theories, and current affairs of the world. However, with time I learned that theory is important as well. I started reading books and started taking an interest in current affairs of the world. I started reading the news and sharing my views with some of my seniors. I am a keen observer, constantly thinking about how to improve our current processes as well as create new ones to get through our daily problems. I am a quiet person and therefore, I faced many problems in university life. Now, I would like to write upon those problems and how I dealt with them so that others out there with the same problem do not have to go through those problems like I did.
I hope you will like my blog. Please comment with your views so that I may know if you agree with  my views or not. Looking forward to our constructive arguments!