Interview Tips for Fresh CS graduates

May and June, these are the two important months for fresh graduates as well as for companies. For companies, these months are important because they are going to hire new graduates and they are going to train you. For fresh graduates, these months are important because this would be their first time to enter into the industry and get to know about the industry culture.

First thing fresh graduates should keep in mind, at your stage, learning is more important than salary. Join a firm/company which will help you in learning new technologies, and enhancing your social network. Experience matters a lot than salary. It’s good having a good package but for growing in service industry, experience is more important than salary. Salary should be your second preference. Don’t leave learning for getting more money.

Interview? The most important step for entering in any industry. For service industry, interviews are mostly technical and they judge you from only a single interview. So, you can say that you have only one chance to prove yourself as a good fit in their firm. You should have passion for learning and joining them for your growth. Interviewer knows that you know nothing and it would be your first job, so, keep in mind that firm is looking for students who are willing to work and are passionate about learning. As firm is going to invest its money on you, so they will make sure that you wont leave them after few months. These were the few points you should keep in  mind and you don’t have to say them to interviewer but, you have to show them during your interview answering other questions. These points are those which you should use to impress the interviewer.

Now coming towards some technical questions, listed below are some important technical questions, please revise these points before going for any technical interview.

1- Revise your FYP, Final Year Project, and explain your FYP to interviewer in detail as much as possible. It wont be bad if you make your FYP little more efficient then the actual one. Interviewer is not coming to check your actual FYP so show yourself as a hardworking by explaining little more about your FYP.

2- Revise Object Oriented Programming concepts. If you are applying for a developer post, then interviewer is going to ask you following questions from OOP:
– What is polymorphism?
– What is encapsulation?
– Difference between over-riding and over-loading.
– Difference between interface and abstract class
– Design Patterns
– Exception Handling, try, catch, finally, throw and throws concepts and usage
Remember, interviewer is not asking about the definitions of above mentioned points. He is going to judge your understanding and concepts not your cramming.

3- From Database, revise joins, inner and outer joins, right and left joins, Normalization, and all forms of normalization. Revise few basic PHP statements for joins.

4- You should have strong know how about all searching and sorting algorithms and their complexities.

5- From data structures, revise lists, arrays and linked-lists. Try to revise the pseudocode for finding the middle element of linked-list in one go and finding the lower element or largest element in list or array.

6- Team management is very important for Service industry firms. Try to think about, how would you manage a team, and whether you can work in a team or not.

Some non-technical questions are also very important for getting in a software house. These includes, team work management, communication skills, and adjustment in their atmosphere.

Be confident and don’t say “Sorry, I don’t know” say something relevant to question. Try to give example or explain your point. Don’t be over-confident.

Keep Smiling and learn from your interviews. Don’t get discouraged after rejection. Take rejection as a learning point and try to over the mistakes in next interview.

I hope this will be helpful for a lot of fresh graduates. You are always welcome to ask question or clear your confusion. Comment below to share your experience for helping many fresh graduates.

Good Luck!



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