Getting Started with Android Studio

Now-a-days Smart phone has become the most important thing everyone owns or wants to own.  And when someone’s talking about smart phones, most of the time, they mean Android Smart phones. Android smart phones vary in all kinds of prices and categories. Android phones have taken the place of laptops. Android is developing day by day at such a pace that every can afford an android smart phone. Overall, Samsung is known as a market leader when it comes to Android but if I talk about Pakistan, Q-Mobile produces the cheapest smart phones and they are known as the best sellers.

As the usage of android smart phones is increasing day by day, android development is also increasing. Making different applications for android and selling them at high prices has become a new source of income. As a developer, I think every developer should be familiar with android development. There are many freelancing jobs for android developers.  Every business is moving towards mobile apps, so I can say that there is much scope for android developer for next 7 to 8 years.

Softwares and Languages for Android Development:

Now leaving other things behind, let’s start on how to start android development or how to build your first android application. Before starting anything, you should be familiar with different software used for android development.

Java is the language that you need to know in order to start android development. So before starting, make sure you know the basics of Java and JDK (latest version) should be installed in your PCs. Android studio is the only software available for android development. Before android studio, eclipse was used for android development with plugins installed for android development. Android plugins are known as SDKs (Software development Kit). But later on, android community decided to remove eclipse plugins from web and made android studio the only software for android development.

Requirements for Android Studio:

Requirements for android studio:

  • 7/8/10 windows.
  • 2 GB RAM for android studio. 8 GB RAM is recommended for your PC.
  • JDK 8
  • 4 GB available disk space for android studio and SDKs.
  • 64-bit operating system.
  • Universal ADB Driver (explained later)

Downloading Android Studio:

Now moving forward, download the android studio. Android Studio is a free software available on its official website. You can download Android studio from the link: . You don’t have to do anything else. just download the file.

Installing Android Studio:

Click on the android studio application you have installed. It will start installing on your PC. It is highly recommended to read all the instructions/steps mentioned on installation windows. And then click NEXT. Do it carefully. As it is your first time, I will recommend you to leave all the settings as default.


After successfully installation of android studio, start android studio.


On running the android studio first time, it will ask about configurations settings. Keep it default and standard because it’s your first try.



When configuration is finished, it will unzip and install some important components.


Finally, you will be able to see the window “Welcome to Android Studio”.


Up till now, we have learnt how to install android studio. I will continue it to building your first android application in next post. I hope this will be helpful for lot of people who still have confusion! Please comment if you find any confusion or need any help. And stay tunned for next post!



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