IP Addressing

When you send  a query to Google, it replies you back. Have you ever wondered and tried to figure out that how Google replies you? How Google knows that its only you who want reply? Why the reply by Google is not sent to all the devices connected in network? How Google figures it out which reply to be sent to which device only? OK, leave Google, Let’s suppose your are in your office and you want to communicate with only one PC, but how do router figures out that where to send the query? Why the router in your office don’t send reply to all the devices connected to that network? Aren’t you curious how communication is happening on Internet? The one word answers to all these questions and that one word is “IP Addressing”. Continue reading


Networking Devices

Networking devices also known as Networking Hardware or networking equipment. There is no fixed word for them and you can call whatever you want! You must have heard names of many networking devices like Router, Switch, Hub, etc. In this post we will discuss some of these networking devices and their purposes.

First, let me tell you that all these networking devices have same meaning but have different purposes. All these devices are meant to forward the data coming from host device to destination device. Continue reading

Basics of Networking

Wait for a minute and think about the definition of network! Many you will be thinking:
“Communication between two computers”
“Transferring data from one computer to other computer”
“Connecting two Computers or devices”

All of these are WRONG! Repeat the above mentioned definitions and then concentrate on words. Give 3 seconds to every word and then tell me one thing! Continue reading

JAVA Development Environment

Object Oriented Programming abbreviated as OOP!
If you are a software, computer, electrical engineer or planning to be an engineer, then you are going to hear this word a lot and you won’t be able to get rid of this thing, because OOP is the most important programming language model. And JAVA is the best language which supports Object Oriented Programming. Continue reading

Interview Tips for Fresh CS graduates

May and June, these are the two important months for fresh graduates as well as for companies. For companies, these months are important because they are going to hire new graduates and they are going to train you. For fresh graduates, these months are important because this would be their first time to enter into the industry and get to know about the industry culture. Continue reading

First Android Application

In my last post, I wrote about getting started with android studio which includes downloading and installing Android Studio. Now, its time to move forward and learn how to build your first android application or how android studio works. You can’t learn any software or language without practicing it.  So, stop wasting your time on learning the theory for android development and move towards building your first application. Continue reading

Getting Started with Android Studio

Now-a-days Smart phone has become the most important thing everyone owns or wants to own.  And when someone’s talking about smart phones, most of the time, they mean Android Smart phones. Android smart phones vary in all kinds of prices and categories. Android phones have taken the place of laptops. Android is developing day by day at such a pace that every can afford an android smart phone. Continue reading