JAVA Development Environment

Object Oriented Programming abbreviated as OOP!
If you are a software, computer, electrical engineer or planning to be an engineer, then you are going to hear this word a lot and you won’t be able to get rid of this thing, because OOP is the most important programming language model. And JAVA is the best language which supports Object Oriented Programming. Continue reading


Interview Tips for Fresh CS graduates

May and June, these are the two important months for fresh graduates as well as for companies. For companies, these months are important because they are going to hire new graduates and they are going to train you. For fresh graduates, these months are important because this would be their first time to enter into the industry and get to know about the industry culture. Continue reading

First Android Application

In my last post, I wrote about getting started with android studio which includes downloading and installing Android Studio. Now, its time to move forward and learn how to build your first android application or how android studio works. You can’t learn any software or language without practicing it.  So, stop wasting your time on learning the theory for android development and move towards building your first application. Continue reading

Getting Started with Android Studio

Now-a-days Smart phone has become the most important thing everyone owns or wants to own.  And when someone’s talking about smart phones, most of the time, they mean Android Smart phones. Android smart phones vary in all kinds of prices and categories. Android phones have taken the place of laptops. Android is developing day by day at such a pace that every can afford an android smart phone. Continue reading

What is GDB and how it works?

What is GDB?

GDB, the GNU Debugger, allows you to see what’s going on ‘inside’ another program while it executes. Or you can say that, it back traces what program was doing at the moment it crashed. GDB is helpful in many ways. For example, you may have seen many open source softwares and it is difficult for another programmer to understand the code. GDB is the best option to understand the flow or code of a program. It can also be helpful in many other cases. For example you have developed a software, it is not showing any error but the output is not as expected. Continue reading

OpenStack Developer’s Guide

In the previous post, we talked about how to set up an environment for OpenStack development. Today, we will talk about solving OpenStack bugs and uploading a patch set on launchpad.

Before this, first let me tell you what launchpad is. Launchpad is a community for developers, where developers from all around the world post bugs and blueprints for developers of all levels.  Continue reading

How to setup DevStack for OpenStack development

For anyone getting started with OpenStack, the best way is to start OpenStack development is with DevStack which provides a series of extensible and customizable scripts and can be used to bring a complete OpenStack development environment from git master.
This tutorial will take you through all the steps needed for setting up DevStack on your system. It should however be noted (and this warning comes straight from DevStack’s own documentation) that DevStack makes a considerable amount of changes to the system on which it is installed. Continue reading